Dear Visitor,

We welcome you to the official website of Alambra, which will give you the opportunity to learn enough about our small community that carries a long, rich history and culture.

The history of the Alambra far outstrips the first world landscape document that mentions it, the famous plaque of the Idal of the 5th century BC. Samples of its history and culture adorn museums such as the New York Metropolitan Museum and other collections where they came to the surface after their almost ten years of desolation (1868-1874) by the famous ambassador-crusader.Chesnola.
Most important, however, is that people, those who carry their life and everyday history and culture, are here. They work, fight and create, giving the optimistic

message that Alambra lived and will live.
Our Community website, this open window to you and to the modern world, enables the people and friends of Alambra to communicate with us and through the internet about anything they care about or something they want to suggest. Unprejudiced, there is now another way to improve our communication and our understanding of how to achieve our common goals and visions.
Have a nice tour!
Achilleas Malachourides
President of the Community Council